evolve, South Kensington Wednesdays: 9:30-10:45


One hour and 15 min. Kundalini Yoga class every Wednesday morning at evolve wellness, located in the heart of South Kensington, London.
10 kendrick mews sw7 3hg, 0207 581 4090
Class times: 9:30 -10:45.

Bookings for this class are done directly through the centre
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Private sessions

In our private sessions we will work together to establish your goals and choose the right focus for you.This could be anything you wish to work on: Fitness, healing pain,  de-stressing, bringing creativity into your life, relationships, prosperity, health issues, posture issues or all of the above! Together we will explore the many tools that Kundalini Yoga offers to live a happier and healthier life. Sessions will be designed especially for you - according to your level and in order to meet your established goals. We can work one on one or in small groups with the people you choose to share this journey with. Location can be your home but if space is an issue we can select a suitable venue close by. 

Private sessions can be a great solution if you have a busy schedule and can't make it to regular classes. They are also a perfect opportunity to work deeper, ask questions and learn more about the wisdom behind the practice.


If you don't want to commit to the expense of a regular one to one session, or if you would just like some advice and practical tips for a particular issue you are dealing with, then a consultation could be just what you need. There are two steps to this. In our first contact, which can be a phone call or email we we will discuss the issue to be dealt with and I will ask a number of supplementing questions, including your full date of birth, in order to obtain some more information about you. You are of course free not to answer any questions which do not feel right to you.
Then Based on your numbers and the information you have given me I will take some time to map out what I think are the main areas to target and put together a basic 'toolkit' suitable to your current lifestyle and level of ability.

The next step is where we meet either face to face or on Skype. This can take between 1 - 1.5 hrs. In this session we discuss the issues you presented from the Yogic perspective and I share my thoughts and tool kit with you. We then go into some more detail in conversation and together refine your toolkit so that you have a clear understanding of it and feel that it is appropriate to your needs. I will normally follow up with an email within the next month.

Pregnancy and self care

Classes on hold at the moment stay tuned for new classes.

I've been teaching and practising Kundalini Yoga for years, yet pregnancy has taken my practice and experience to a whole new level. As a researcher of Yoga, health and spirituality I wish to show other expecting mothers the amazing benefits of these teachings and practices, not only for a healthy and peaceful pregnancy, but also for personal transformation as a person, and as a woman into motherhood. 

This will be an 8 week course starting on Thursday the 31st of October. Sessions take place at my home, on a weekly basis, and although it is recommended to join us for the entire duration, it is also possible to drop in for individual sessions. This is a chance for you to join a small group of women in cosy and safe environment, take time for yourself to really experience the changes you are going through spiritually and physically, and learn the techniques of Yoga to strengthen your body and mind. 

No prior experience is needed in Yoga or meditation, just an open heart and the desire to learn. The female body is changing every day, particularly during pregnancy. We will listen to these subtle inner vibrations and each women will work according to how her body is feeling that day. Looking forward to sharing my journey with you!

Kids yoga

Watch this space!